Thursday, July 1, 2010

Say "hello" to our newest family member

It's a warm summer afternoon, a light breeze rustling the tree branches. Ah, all is well on the home front, peaceful and quiet! Suddenly my daughter's phone rings with an urgent request from a work friend "there is a kitten outside my door, come and get it!" Of course Megan springs into action to save this little creature. After all, is there anyone more worthy Megan would ask? So she jumps in her car and drives the short distance to her friend's home. Oh, what a cutie she thinks as she picks up this hissing, frightened little animal. Her dad's face flashes before her eyes and the memories come rushing in. "Megan we are not getting anymore cats! Our house is too small for the three dogs and two cats we already have!" Well, Meg thinks "I'll just take him to the vet where they sometimes adopt out strays."

The little kitty arrives to the vet's office snuggled in Megan's arm. "Oh honey, we can't take anymore kitties! We have to take these 4 to the SPCA because we can't adopt them out" exclaims the receptionist. But they did treat the kitty for an eye infection and flea infestation. Once again Meg snuggles the kitty and thinks of what her friend told her "the SPCA isn't accepting anymore cats. They have too many." So Megan packs the little guy (the vet told her it was a boy and only about 4 weeks old) into the car and thinks "I will show him to dad and he will just have to say he can stay!" What else could she do? So off she drives to see her dad at work. Upon arrival she jumps out of the car exclaiming "dad you're gonna be mad..." She goes to pull the kitty out of the car and to her surprise he is no where to be found! She tearfully explains her story to her dad who of course he can't be angry as he sees his daughter in distress! They search and they search and they search but to no avail! Megan re-traces her steps and simply can't find the kitty. Her brother, seeing how distraught she was, also retraces her steps in the search for kitty and again to no avail. By this time I am arriving home from work as is my hubby and along with my son, we tear apart the car insisting this cat has to be SOMEWHERE in this car! Where else could he be? No luck. Heavy-hearted, we walk into the house. Megan, meanwhile, has cried herself to sleep! Ugh!

The next day we do the same thing over and over again with no kitty sighting! Everybody in the family feels terrible for Meg who is still distraught and for the poor little kitty! We all think "how will he survive... he's just a baby?"

The next day the triplet's are tuning 19! A happy day indeed. Meg is feeling slightly better, hoping for the best, that perhaps kitty found a new home! She runs out to her car to retrieve her brother's birthday gift. She comes bounding through the front door moments later and screams "look!" Oh my gosh! She has the kitty in her arms! I am astonished and scream back "where was he?" Megan, grinning from ear-to-ear excitedly tells me she spotted him under the seat in the rear of the car! It dawns on us that kitty has been living in the car for 2 days! How in the world did this little baby survive and why-oh-why did he never meow the multitude of times we were in that car! He of course was a little lethargic but after some food and water and a trip to the vet for IV fluids he perked up!

"Dad just has to let us keep him" the triplets' surmise! So, meet Leo, the newest member of our family. Here's Meg, Leo, and her BFF, Stephanie!
Have a wonderful day!

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dogsmom said...

A happy ending to a frantic story!
I have torn cars apart for similar reasons. Congratulations to a very determined kitty. May he share a long and happy life with you.
(I hope he does not become one of those million dollar kitties the vet loves.)

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