Friday, April 24, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

Today is a good day! The sun is shinning and it promises to be warm today... in the 70's! With Spring here and Summer close behind, I get to thinking about wearing all of my cute sandals. I adore shoes, particularly the ones you can wear without socks! But, first things first. How do my feet look? Ahhhh, not so bad after this long winter! I went and had my first pedicure of the season! I think everyone should enjoy a pedicure every now and then. There's not much better! However, there is some foot care that must be done at home and I thought I would share a few of my favorite things to get those sandal ready feet!

~The Ped Egg! Okay, I am truly not much into the "As Seen on TV" but I discovered the Ped Egg last year and it is absolutely amazing! It does everything it says and more! It smooths all of the rough edges and callouses on the feet! I adore this egg! Clink on the link above it you want to visit the official site. If you want to save on the shipping and handling charges they do now sell it in some stores. I've seen it in Target recently and I purchased mine in Bed, Bath, & Beyond last Summer! Trust me, this is one product that is worth the ten bucks!

~I love this top coat. It dries nail color almost instantly and provides a nice shine! You really have to let it set for a good 30 minutes but then you're good to go!

~The color of the season - FUCHSIA! I love, love, love, it! In fact, I just put this color on my toenails and it looks awesome! What a fun color!

~Okay, I know it's a shameless plug! But, I truly love Sugar Scrub. It not only exfoliates but it also softens. I love to do this as a sort of mask. While I bath I put this all over my legs and feet and put my legs up while I enjoy a good novel for a few minutes! It is fabulous and my legs and feet are so soft! Plus, it is super pampering and we all need a little more of that!

Here's a quick recipe to soak your tired, overworked feet in. Simply purchase some Epsom Salts which are inexpensive and found at any drug store. Fill up your tub with some very warm water, pour desired amounts of Epsom salts in and soak your feet for a few minutes. For an added bonus add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil which will help your feet feel rejuvenated! It you like, dry feet and use a pumice stone (or the Ped Egg!) to remove dead, dry skin then wash and rinse. Leave your feet a little damp and apply your favorite cream and put on some white cotton socks for a while. Your feet will thank you and they will look fabulous in your favorite sandals!

As always, it you have foot issues or are a Diabetic, please consult your M.D. before messing with your feet!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To embellish or not to embellish... Now there's a question!

I found some really neat things recently that I absolutely adore.

Like these amazing bottles I purchased on eBay. One day I decided that I needed more aqua colored items in my shabby pink office (my new fav color). Thus, I went searching on eBay and this is what I found and won! They are old... anywhere from the Civil War era to the late 1800's.

The color is Divine!

The shapes are amazing! My husband says to leave them as they are (he is a Civil War buff). But...

Then I recently went to an Estate Sale and found this...

A gorgeous enamelware container... the REAL enamelware... nice and heavy! It looks like the previous owner used it for paint. I fell in love!

So, here's my question. Do I re-purpose or embellish these items? Or do I leave them in their natural and beautiful condition? I have soooooo many ideas for re-purposing. Yet somehow I just don't know! What do you think?

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