Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Pink Desserts!

I guess I have a sweet tooth today because I am "googling" desserts and you wouldn't believe all of the yummy pink desserts I have found! Thus, with Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, I thought you might enjoy some of my findings! Just click on the recipe to find out where I "borrowed" them from and for the recipe!

Do these pretty Pink Almond Cookies look oh so yummy or what?

Cherry Kisses Cookies ~ Hershey Kisses & Maraschino Cherries? I am in heaven!

Hot Pink Raspberry Cake ~ you can make this from scratch or use a cake mix! Looks so very yummy!

Pink Velvet Cupcakes ~ A pretty-in-pink cupcake!

This pie is actually named Pretty in Pink Pie and uses only 4 ingredients: Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Maraschino Cherries, Marshmallows, and Frozen Whipped Topping. How easy and oh so pretty!
I hope this Pink Saturday Post has inspired you to prepare a yummy pink dessert this Valentine's Day! Happy Pink Saturday and please be sure to visit Beverly at for more Pink Saturday Posts!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Spring Fever

Happy Pink Saturday my friends! Please visit Beverly at to see all of the pink participants this week!

For some unknown reason I have Spring Fever! I know, it's only January, right? You don't have to tell me that we have at least two more months of winter here in Western New York! Yet I just can't seem to help it! Much to my husband's dismay this means that I like to re-decorate, even if it's only simple little touches. I've decided that my living room needs more roses and more pink. But, while my husband really doesn't care much about what I do with the decor, I've decided that I should do this rather slowly.

Here's a little touch that I added a short time ago. This is really a candle holder but I rather like it filled with rose potpourri and with some pink seam binding around it!

I've been looking for some rose pillows and I found these at My couches are burgandy so the burgandy and pink in the pillow will look very nice I think.

What do you think? If you know where else I might search for Pink Rose Pillows please let me know!

I added a beautiful rose picture last year and hubby said he actually liked it!!!!! That means add more roses, right? He, he, he!

Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope Spring comes early this year!



Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ A tour of Pink from RME Boutique

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Please visit our hostess, Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound for more great pinks! I thought this week I would give you a visual guide of some of the newest items in my boutique. Since I absolutely love pink, I am naturally attracted to pink items when I am browsing for things to add to my store!
Of course you MUST have PINK seam binding!

Naturally one must have Pink Candy Lights! These are hand-dipped in silicone.
How about Pink Candy Light Bulbs scented with yummy rose?!
This to-die-for altered bottle with what else? Pink (rose scented) Dead Sea Salts!

Some darling Pink Paper Roses!
And finally, this lovely altered vintage muffin tin. I created a pretty pink crackle finish!
I sure hope you enjoyed my pink tour on this fine Pink Saturday. Wishing you all a very wonderful weekend!
This Cocoa Pot is gorgeous. The pink roses just make this irresistible!

Of course when I create my Natural Goat Milk Soap I tend to favor scents that can be colored pink! Yummy Jasmine Vanilla is pictured.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay, time for some shameless begging! Please vote for me in Shabby Lane Shops Valentine's Website Decorating Contest! Just click on the photo above to go to Shabby Lane and vote for RME Boutique!
Thanks for your support!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ A Pink Project!

I am so ridiculously excited about the Valentine Swap I joined! This is my very first swap and I just can't wait! I've gathered most of what I need and I know who my swap partner is! I have been stalking, errr... reading her blog to learn more about her. We seem to have a lot in common so I think she will like what I have planned. While I don't want to disclose too much detail in case my partner is reading this, I though I would give you a sneak peak at some of my supplies thus far.

A pretty heart box. I know it's not pink, but it will be!

Some very pretty pink paint, he, he....

Some delightful paper flowers...

How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday Bloggers!

Beautiful light pink vintage lace...

And to close today's preview, how about some lovely pink papers...
There will be so much more but I want to keep this a surprise! Tune in on Valentine's Day and I will give you a view of my finished project. I must admit I am very happy my partner likes pink!

Did I mention I am very excited????!!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

PS ~ I forgot to mention that you just must visit Beverly at
Some more pretty pink paper flowers and pink seam binding...

Happy Valentine's Day Clip Art

My good friend Bunny does some fabulous work! Check out my new Valentine banner, compliments of Bunny. You just must go and check her work out at B. Catherine's Designs. All of her Valentine Clip Art is reasonably priced and oh so pretty! She does websites too!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ What I am working on this year!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Don't forget to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see all of the participants this week! We have been asked to share what we are working on or attempting to accomplish this year. Well, I am always mulling over ideas but something that has been in the back of my mind has been to create embellished journals. I am a big fan of journal writing and why not have something pretty to do so?! I actually happened to be working on one when I received Beverly's email with our Pink Saturday topic. Thus, I thought I would share my very first embellished journal. I would truly love some feedback from all of you talented artists out there. I am not a "natural" artist, but boy I sure do try hard! Please remember this is my very first so be kind, LOL!
I know the pics are not the best but I still wanted to share. Of course my first journal is PINK! I also used another favorite theme, cupcakes! I think my therapist persona shows through too because I believe in dreams! No matter your age, income, education, whatever! Dreams keep us motivated and longing for something that we have the power to implement or change! That's part of what life is about I think!
I used lots of vintage items too. Yet another of my passions! You'll note there is vintage ribbon and lots of vintage buttons.

One of my jars of vintage buttons. The jar is vintage too! Go figure!

Here's a picture of the inside cover! I used a vintage inspired image along with some vintage music sheets.
Thanks for taking the time to read my "dream" for this year. Your comments are appreciated!

Amour Valentine Swap

I decided to participate in my very first swap and I am soooooo excited! This should be a lot of fun and I am truly looking forward to filling my treasure box with lots of goodies for my yet-to-be-known swap partner. If you would like to be included please visit my friend Cathy at Treasured Heirlooms to sign up (just click the banner above). Hurry though because you only have until January 8th to sign up!
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