Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye my friend!

 We had to say goodbye to our sweet little Pekingese this week after a long struggle!  It is always so, so hard to make this decision but I know in my heart it was the decision that had to be made.  We rescued this guy when he was about 6 years old from the local SPCA where he was slated to be euthanized.  I don't typically go for little dogs or boy dogs but something told me I should help him out! My husband was more than a little perturbed being we already had 2 dogs but as it turns out this was his best friend! 

We don't really know much about his history other than that he was in the animal shelter for 8 months.  He was neutered when he arrived at the shelter so my best guess is that he was used as a "stud" dog.  He did not know how to play, or socialize, or any other simple commands.  He arrived to use with an awful "kennel" cough, an eye infection, and full of matts (a stick was even embedded in one of his matts!).  While I appreciate the SPCA I just don't know how they could let this guy end up like this! 

His original name was "Dingle" ugh!  So we set about changing it and my daughter chose "Ricco James" but we ended up calling him "Jim."  He was cranky, full of attitude and oppositional, but we fell in love with him.  His favorite activity was to go "byes" as he loved his walks!  He never did learn how to play, hated our cats and our other dogs.  He generally preferred men though I tried my hardest to endear myself to him, ha!

In the last year he developed Cushings Disease and Dementia.  We cared for him until it was clear he wasn't too happy and there was nothing else we could do!  It just seems so unjust that one little dog suffered so much.  I do hope "Jim" enjoyed his six years with us and that we gave him some quality of life.  He certainly taught me so much and I will miss the little guy!

How could you not fall in love with this little face?!

Goodbye my sweet little friend!  I am saddened that you are gone but I hope you're enjoying your "byes" in a much better place!  Til we meet again...

PS  - I know that I've been missing in action again and I promise to be back soon with a cheerier post!
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