Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Brrrrr..... It has been bone-chilling cold outside - Sunday night our low here was -11.  Yes, -11!  The high was about 5 and those numbers do not include the wind chill factor.  Today was actually mild, I think the high was in the low 30's but the cold is heading back, ugh.  I know I am not the only one struggling as it's been colder than usual in many parts of the US (and for our Canadian friends too).  But, as the old saying goes, if you can't be 'em, join 'em!

So on a recent sunny, albeit cold, day I headed outside to shovel yet again.  But the sun was truly glorious.  With some encouragement, hubby agreed it would be nice to take the dogs for a walk though not as long as we usually go.  I actually enjoyed it - it felt good to be out, especially with the sun shining down.

 Maybe you can't tell, but the sky was gorgeous!
Here's our gas grill - do you see it under all that snow?!

My salt and snow covered car!

Okay, so I took a little break to take pictures while hubby was shoveling, ha!

Can you tell how beautiful the trees look, snow covered?

Our pretty snow covered neighborhood.

The dogs were so excited to be out and about that they were, er, a little uncooperative!

A view of the Niagara River is in the background.

Here's Abbey - I couldn't get her to stay still to get a good photo.  The dog loves the snow.  Hmmm.... I wonder if she'll like the beach as much when we move to the beach in a couple of years.

Molly loves the snow as you can tell by her snow-covered face~

Another gorgeous shot of the Niagara River.  It's hard to see but it is filled with ice and snow.

One more picture of the ice and snow in the river.

On the way home with cold dogs and an even colder hubby!

By now, I know you all understand how much I dislike the Winter.  I have lived here all of my life and quite frankly, enough is enough!  As soon as my children get out of college, our plan is to head south.  But, in the mean time I figure I have to embrace the snow and not let it make me miserable, right?  Oh but I have my dreams....

Stay warm....


Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Saturday - I've missed you!!!!!

Yay!  I am back to Pink Saturday, oh how I've missed you!  It seems that the Saturdays just get away from me and before you know it January is almost over, wow!  I took a break around the holidays simply because I was so busy but I sure didn't mean to be gone this long! 

This week I will share my latest pink creations with you.

I was inspired by a post I read last year to make these Sweetheart sticks.  I used vintage lace, a vintage sweetheart pin, vintage music sheet and a paper rose.  It looks lovely in one of my vases for a little addition to my Valentine decor.

 I made my very first Tussie Mussie!  Again, I used some vintage lace and a vintage sweetheart pin.
 I've altered this bottle using vintage wall paper and a hand-crafted rosette.

Ah, an altered vintage bingo card.

I created some special addition Strawberries & Champagne bubble bath for my shop.  I wrapped it up so it's an easy, pretty gift.
Finally, here's some pretty pink tags I created using graphics from the Graphics Fairy, vintage lace and other embellishments.

Have a wonderful and warm weekend.  The high here in Western New York is in the single digits.  Baby it's coooooooooold  outside, ha!  Oh and be sure to visit our hostess, Beverly, at http://www.howsweetthesound.typepad.com/.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautiful Blogging - Beating the Winter Blues

So the holidays are over and the reality of Winter has set in.  Cold, ice, snow, lack of sunshine, ugh!!!!!  If you're like me then you're already counting down the days until Spring - flowers, sun, warmth,  - ahhhhh...  For some of you that will start next month.  For others, March.  Still for some of us even later.  Here in Western New York we sometimes have to wait until April!  This time of year can lead to frustration, dysphoria, and the "Winter Blues." 

The good news is that you can beat those ol' Winter time blues!  Here are some tips that can help us through:
  • Maintain your schedule and routine!  This can be hard to do when it's cold and windy but it is oh so important.  Get up about the same time each day, eat your meals about the same time, and complete at least one task each day.  I know it's so easy to hibernate but it's not helpful.
  • Exercise!  I think we all know the benefit of exercise these days, both mentally and physically.  While it's easier to exercise when the sun is shining, don't forget we need these benefits all year long!  Exercise not only relieves stress but it also releases endorphins, the "feel good" hormones.
  • Eat healthy!  I think we all tend to indulge a bit around the holidays but try to get back on track.  We need to eat good quality food to maintain our energy level.  So think about what you're eating, particularly if you're appetite is a bit suppressed.
  • Schedule fun activities!  Again, I think this is so much easier in the warmer months but still as important during the Winter.  You may need to be creative, but schedule something you enjoy at least once a week.  See a movie, go to a favorite restaurant, spend some time at your local bookstore, take a walk - whatever you deem fun, do it!
  • Socialize!  Don't hibernate all Winter.  Spend time with friends and family.
  • Laugh!  We all need a good laugh right?  It's a great stress reliever and can make any day brighter.  Watch a funny movie or hang out with those who make you laugh.
  • Engage regularly in stress-reducing activities!  What helps you relax?  Exercise? Journaling?  Friends?  A hot bath?  A good book?  Whatever that is for you, engage in it!
  • If your symptoms persist or are severe please seek medical assistance.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real disorder that is more severe than the "Winter blues" that can successfully be treated.  You don't have to suffer.
This list is certainly not exhaustive and is in no way intended to replace professional medical care.  But is can certainly help those of us who need a little boost this winter. 

In the meantime think of this...

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vote for Me (Please!)

Shabby Lane Shops is having a Valentine Website Decorating Contest.  Please click the link and scroll down to vote for RME Boutique!



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!  May your year be filled with love, laughter, wealth, health, sun, fun, and creativity! 

Graphic courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

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