Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogging ~ "The Eyes Have It" Part III

So far we have talked about the perfect eye shadow color for your eyes and creating the smoky eye in our Beautiful Blogging posts "The Eyes Have It." This week I would like to discuss a simply eye shadow application technique.

Ensuring you have the shade that enhances your eye color, follow these simple steps (requires 3 shades):
1. Use your foundation as an eye shadow base as this absorbs oils and allows your shadow to adhere more effectively.
2. Sweep the lightest shade from lash line to brow.
3. Take your medium shade and apply to the eyelid.
4. Use your darkest shade and sweep this color through the crease and outer portion of your eye.
5. Blend, blend, and blend again. There should be no evidence of any lines.
6. Apply eye line to top and bottom lashes. I almost always use eye shadow to line. I simply wet an eye liner brush and dip into my eye shadow then smudge for a softer look. I use dry shadow underneath my eye because it is softer. My eyes are rather small so I don't want to heavily line my eyes because they will appear even smaller.
7. Mascara is a must! Use an eyelash curler and then apply 2 coats of your favorite mascara!

*If age is catching up to you, you will notice that your eyes tend to sag a bit. Ensure that you sweep eye shadow up and out to combat this.

*For advance eye shadow application click here as this site will tell you specifically how to apply shadows for eyes that are too close, droopy, too far, etc...

That's all there is to simple eye shadow application!

One, Two
Have a beautiful week!

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