Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogging ~ Exfoliating

Hello!  Beautiful Blogging has returned after a two week respite!  This week I am going to discuss exfoliation!  Is that something you think about or that you regularly do?  Do we need to exfoliate you asked?  The simple answer is yes, especially as we age!  Natrual exfoliation occurs quite rapidly when we are young, but as we age, this process slows down.  Thus, our skin can look dull and lifeless, never mind the dry skin!  We need to slough off the dead, dry skin to reveal healthy, glowing skin below.  Keep in mind that anything we put on our skin after exfoliation works better.  For example, makeup.  Makeup will look so much better if you have a smooth surface to begin with. How often should you exfoliate depends on your skin type.  If you have oily skin or perspire a lot probably two times a week is good.  If you have sensitive or dry skin, exfoliate less often. 

There are so many types of exfoliants on the market today, from the super cheap to the ridiculously expensive.  What you choose is up to you!  Just remember not to exfoliate too much because this could hurt, rather than help, your skin.

~A nubby wash cloth can work just fine in removing dead skin cells!

~Exfoliating gloves work well and you can choose your own product to apply.

~Make your own with ingredients you probably already have.  I discovered a great website when I was writing this article - - such as a great facial exfoliate Almond Honey Scrub.  Simply mix 2 T crushed almonds with 1 T honey, scrub and let set for 5 minutes.  Honey is a very good moisturizing agent, btw.  You can even mix some sugar with milk for a super scrub.  Obviously you want to use the product you make up immediately or it will go rancid.  Click here to visit the site and see all of the fabulous recipes they have.
~Of course there are sugar and salt scrubs which tend to offer exfoliation and moisturizaton.  Again, you can try making your own with sugar and olive oil or you can purchase these readily at grocery stores, department stores or even on-line boutiques : )  Shameless plug, I know but as I have mentioned before this product is what got me started in business.  It is an awesome scrub and the oils left behind are soooo moisturizing.
~Try Alpha Hydroxy products which can aid is sloughing off dead skin cells.  Be careful though because it needs to be absorbed through the skin and may be washed off before it does.  Probably lotions are best.

~There's also great exfoliants with seeds/grains to choose from.  Who hasn't heard of St. Ives Apricot
Facial Scrub!   But there are some other great ones out there that use crushed grape seeds, blueberry or strawberry seeds, oatmeal and on and on! 

Please remember that what you choose is up to you and likely dependent on your skin type.

Points to remember:
  • Exfoliate weekly, more or less, depending on your skin type.
  • Be consistent!  To maintain beautiful skin you must exfoliate regularly.
  • Want to moisturize at the same time (if you're lazy like me, ha!)?  Try a salt or sugar scrub that is generally mixed with oils.
  • Use products with jojoba wax spheres or oatmeal if you want a more gentle scrub.
Wishing you a beautiful week!




Jean said...

Great information as always. Thanks for your insight into what to use and when. I think I'll get off and go exfoliate right now - or maybe after some breakfast, :)

xinex said...

Great info! Thanks..Christine

Brushed By An Angel said...

I love the feel of my skin after exfoliating. However, I don't do it as often as I should. Thanks for all the info - I'm off to exfoliate.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Thanks for this great information.

Blessings to you,

fannipauline said...

A very informative and delightful blog. Great information.........

CailinMarie said...

cool recipes - I am stopping as I try to make it down Bev's list of PS participants :-)

Miss Magpie said...

Hello, pink sister. Good post on exfoliating. I learned several years ago that I needed to do it, and it does help tremendously with my skin and how I look. Take

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
I so believe in the power of exfoliating. I love it and can always see the difference in my skin. I used to teach this too when I was selling skin care and makeup.
Love all your info and recipes with the link.

Thank you for stopping by today and your kind comment. Always great to see you. I painted my antique table 10 years ago. At one time, I painted and sold these tables when I had a brick and mortar spot.

Have a great week sweetie.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jacalyn,
Just stopping back by to wish you a very Happy Birthday today. I hope it was special and blessing to you always.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Sherry from Alabama said...

Thanks for this information and the links. I'm going to check them out. I have been using an epilator on my legs this summer. I love it, but my legs aren't getting the exfoliation they would normally get by shaving. I've thought of trying some type of sugar scrub but wasn't sure of how to do it. I look forward to trying some of your tips.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

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