Friday, August 28, 2009

Hmmmm.... Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes! Not necessarily the kind you eat (though I would never turn one down, ha!), but the decorative ones. For the last year or so I just can't seem to get enough of cupcakes!

Here's a little tour of my home office to give you an example of what I am talking about.

Adorable petite cupcakes added to a vignette on my shelf : )

Awesome artwork from Natasha Burns of, what else, a cupcake!

Tin Cupcake Collectabells from my boutique. I couldn't sell all of them could I????

Faux life-size cupcakes from my friend Bunny at B. Catherine's Designs.

So it just seemed natural that I add more cupcakes to my boutiques to share with all of my friends out there who like cupcake decor as much as I do! I found a great artist (thanks, Cindy) who creates hand-built ceramics and hand-paints cupcakes among other things!

Ceramic Cupcake Boxes, larger than the real cupcakes! Pink, of course!

Too cute Ceramic Cupcake accent light with awesome bulbs from Candylights
(which we will be carrying soon btw)

Please visit my site for more cupcake decor. Some of which are on sale today only in the Make Mine Pink Friday Shopping Event ~ Getting Organized ~ What a cute idea for organizing ~ our Cupcake Boxes! Fill with candy, paperclips, buttons, trinkets, whatever!

Have a sweet day : )


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