Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am still around!

Hey!  How are you all?  I sure have missed my blogging friends!  I just wanted to let you know that I am still around, ha!  I have been visiting a lot of you but stupid blogger hasn't let me leave comments.  I think (I hope) that problem has been corrected!

I have actually accomplished so much since we last talked!  I've:
~updated my kitchen
~completed my landscaping
~celebrated the triplet's 20th birthday
~helped my last daughter move out
~cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more! There's still plenty of that to do though.  Since all of my children moved out, I have been going through lots of stuff and getting rid of it!  I am cleaning and sprucing up my house with the thought that I will be selling it in a couple of years.  So, anything I don't want to move gets tossed!
~took a couple of trips
~focused on getting things organized in my new practice
~spent more time with hubby
and oh so much more!  While I miss blogging I have enjoyed some time to do other things.  But, having said that I have oh so much to blog about so I will be back soon.   First up will be my kitchen.  It didn't need any major updates but I changed up the decor.  Let's just say it all started with this:

Sorry about the picture but the "this" I am talking about are the new curtains...  more to come!

Have a great week!


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