Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogging ~

Welcome to this week's BB post! To start, I did choose a winner from last week's posts yesterday afternoon but I haven't heard back from her. If I don't hear back by later today I will draw another name! BTW, thank you for all of your great suggestions last week! I do plan on addressing them in future posts so please check back each week!

This week's BB is a few tips on managing stress! We all experience stress everyday in our lives! I often tell my clients that just getting out of bed in our society is stressful! How many of us jump out of bed and immediately begin thinking about the day's "to-do" list? We all seem to try to jam as much as we can into our day. Did you know that when we are stressed our heart rate and blood pressure rise! Plus, we are releasing adrenaline too. That is why stress can lead to physiological problems, like hypertension, down the road. So here are my suggestions and please feel free to add your own!

  • Make yourself a priority! I can't tell you how many times women tell me "I just don't have time." The reality really is that you MUST make time. If we don't care for ourselves how in the world can we possibly take care of anyone or anything else!
  • Exercise! I know, I know, we hear this all of the time but the fact is that it's such an important ingredient in our lives! Exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins (the "feel good" hormone), and helps us manage a healthy weight. Of course you don't need to go to the gym. There are oodles of ways to achieve this ~ gardening, bike riding, walking, engaging in sports etc... Find what YOU like and do it!
  • Avoid caffeine! Yep, I am the original caffeine queen and I know most of us like to indulge! But, when you're stressed or anxious adding caffeine to the mix via coffee, tea, chocolate etc.. will only further aid to your problems. Caffeine of course is a stimulant so imagine what your rev-ed up body already feels and then add more!
  • Deep breathe! This is huge! When we are stressed we tend to have very shallow breathing so deep breathing immediately calms us. Here's a great breathing exercise to try but remember you don't have to lie down. Just make sure that you sit comfortable and allow the exercise to work.
  • Plan a fun activity! Make sure you schedule enjoyable activities in your schedule. We all need something to look forward to. Plus, it can help us get through those less enjoyable activities!
  • Laugh! It truly is one of the best "medicines" we can use! So socialize, play, laugh. All great ways to relieve stress!
  • Self-nurture! This means you do something EVERYDAY that makes YOU feel good. This doesn't have to be a long activity but it has to be something that is meaningful to you and only you can define what is meaningful to you. Personally, I love mindless computer games and a long hot bubble bath with a good book!

There really are many, many ways to relieve stress as I have only listed a few. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to your body and LISTEN to what it is saying. Tight shoulders, shallow breathing, upset stomach, etc... are all ways our body is telling us that we are stressed. Now that you've heard, what will you do?

Have a wonderful week!


Vintage French Hen said...

Those are all great suggestions. I especially agree with exercising. It works miracles like no other. That is definitely something we all need to make time for. No more excuses! Make the time and you will see a difference. Thanks for such a helpful post...Marcia

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It all sounds great. I love the laugh part, I always save Americas funniest home videos show to watch when I need a lift, it just makes me happy!



What great suggestions, I think I forget to slow down and breathe all the time. And I agree it's so important to laugh. Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my "Bluebird Bottle Project, so "TWEET"! I really enjoyed designing this piece.

Ange said...

Now that sounds like some very wonderful advice for all of us out there. I'm going to start working on it right now! Mind you - blogging is also a bit of ME time ;-)

Icy BC said...

Wonderful post on managing stress! I need to take time for myself.

Mary said...

Great suggestions one and all. You asked about the origins of egg cream Here goes...The origin of the name "egg cream" is constantly debated. One theory was said that they used grade "A" milk calling it a chocolate A cream thus sounding like 'egg' cream. Stanley Auster, the grandson of the beverage's alleged inventor, has been quoted as saying that the origins of the name are lost in time.[4] One commonly accepted origin is that "Egg" is a corruption of the German (also found in Yiddish) word echt ("genuine" or "real") and this was a "good cream". It may also have been called an "Egg Cream" because in the late 1800s, there were already many chocolate fountain/dessert drinks using actual eggs (e.g. 'Egg Brin'), and Auster wanted to capitalize on the name. Auster's was on 7th St and Second Avenue. Goldfeder's was on St. Mark's Place (8th Street) and Second Avenue. Goldfeder's was there before Auster's. Simon Goldfeder would make chocolate syrup (every night after he closed the store) which contained eggs and Carnation evaporated milk. The complete recipe is lost with Simon who died in 1961. However, it was called the Egg Cream because he used eggs in the chocolate syrup. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...sorry I had to laugh when I read the one about avoiding caffeine.....and you know what I mean.... :) Laughing is so goooood for the soul! Have a happy Day J. xo Lynn

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